Abortion (Part 2)

1st December, 2022


Rape is a very sad and traumatizing occurrence. This therefore leads us to the tough question: Does pregnancy from rape justify abortion?

Consider this analogy:

An armed robber breaks into a house. After assaulting the owner of the house, he leaves behind something that within 24 hours to 3 days may combine with the victim’s equivalent to form a human being! What should we do? Should we let it live?

When is an embryo/fetus/baby formed? It may take as long as 1 day to 3 (some even say 5!) before fertilization. Can one seek to prevent fertilization? Can I attempt to disrupt that chemical reaction? I would likely desire to prevent it by all means!

But this is the challenge: when does the being come alive and become a person? I am not dogmatic about it. But typically, by the time you are aware you are pregnant about a week later, it might be too late.


This scenario is utterly different from where you invite a partner in crime’ and both of you ‘create’ a baby by following all the necessary procedures required.

Married or unmarried, why did you pursue what you didn’t desire?

I hope we all will speak to God about such matters if they occur to anyone we know.

Do you think we should focus on growth in ‘self-control’ more than ‘positions on abortion‘? Or grow in faith in God’s ability to provide for all the children we may have? Or obey God meekly in spite of popular opinions? Is the production of the fruits of the Spirit the way to overcome, especially for the married?

Let’s think – and pray – about these matters.


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