The Return of Jesus

29th September 2022

Constantly, people say “Jesus may return anytime”, “the rapture”, “the trumpet may sound any moment” etc. These statements bring two major questions to my mind:

 1. Have the conditions for Christ’s return been fulfilled?

2. If we truly believe the Lord can return at any moment, are we living, acting, and making choices as though this is true?

Let us focus on the second question today.

What would anyone do if they truly believed that their last days were knocking? For me, I would strive to not be at loggerheads or offended with anybody. I would also forgive all who have offended me because I believe that it is the same way I judge, that I will be judged (Matt. 7:2). I would spend it preparing to transition to the other realm by striving to be at peace with my Maker. I would confess hidden sins and have zero attachments to all my lifetime achievements.


What about you?

I do think the majority would agree with me. Records have also proven that many atheists start to rethink the existence of a God during this ‘death lurking’ phase of their lives.

If I told you that the building you are in is about to collapse in 9 minutes, what would you do? If you believed me, depending on the number of floors in the building and which you are on, you would speedily pick a few light and vital things before running out of the building. But if you do not believe, you would prove it not necessarily by words but by how you respond.

The return of Jesus is sooner than before. I don’t think it’s tomorrow so… But for those who claim it is, and if you truly believe it, act every day out like it is your last and prioritize essentials like a dying man’s wishes. Do not say you believe when you have nothing to show as a proof of your beliefs; primarily in your lifestyle. (For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead -James 2:26).

So, do you think Jesus is appearing anytime around the corner?


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